Bifocal Reading Glasses Care

Your vision impacts your every waking moment. Whether as a result of aging or a result of our genetics, at some point many of us will require bifocal reading glasses. And once we have those dazzling spectacles, it is important that we keep our bifocal reading glasses clean and well-maintained to ensure clarity in our daily lives. Don’t underestimate the value of proper bifocal reading glasses care.

Paramount to proper eyeglass maintenance, whether they are computer glasses or bifocal sunglasses, is safety and security. Your bifocal reading glasses are of no good to you if they become all scratched and chipped or more obviously, if you can never find them when you need them. I hope the steps I describe here will help you give your eyeglasses a long, healthy and clear life.

Caring For Your Bifocal Reading Glasses

Since bifocal eyeglasses can be rather costly, it is important that you take the proper precautions to avoid damage such as scratching. Furthermore, since many mainstream lenses are made of glass, they are in fact quite a bit easier to scratch. I hope the following eyeglass care tips help you keep your bifocals in tip top shape:

  • When you order your bifocal glasses, your eyeglass manufacturer will give you the option to purchase additional scratch protection. This is a film added to the surface of the glass to protect it. Always get it as it is certainly worth every penny of extra cost.
  • When you clean your bifocals, make sure you always start with a light water rinse. This critical step removes any particles that may otherwise scratch your lens when you start wiping them, no matter how gently you wipe them.
  • When you wash, always use a very mild and soft cleaner. Don’t get too aggressive with these delicate vision pieces.
  • Always dry or wipe your bifocal reading glasses with a lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber cloth. And always keep extra, clean cloths handy. Don’t just re-use the same cloth over and over.
  • Although you might find it difficult to do consistently, I urge you to always rinse your bifocal eyeglasses before wiping them.

Storing Your Bifocals

In all of the history of bifocal reading glasses, two of the most common ways we waste our precious bifocals involve accidents. First, be very careful when you place your glasses on any kind of counter or table. The single most common bifocal tragedy is having them brushed off on to the floor where they break. Second, don’t place them where someone might sit. The second most common bifocal tragedy is when people sit on and break bifocal reading glasses.

  • Whenever possible, just plain keep your bifocals on your face. Make sure you get a good pair that you can become a part of your face with comfort and ease.
  • Whenever they are not on your face, make sure they are in their case. This one step alone could save you a ton of money and grief.
  • If for some reason you need to remove them when you do not have the case around, place them away from any edge and far from where anyone might sit.
  • You should program yourself to have a one or two places where you always place your rimless eyeglasses case. The real magic to never losing your glasses is to plan a smart place them and then condition yourself to always put them in that smart place.

I hope these relatively simple, common sense ideas for bifocal reading glasses care will help you make the most of your bifocal reading glasses. Once you have the right pair of Ben Franklin bifocals, you will cherish them for many years to come. They will become a part of your identity and bring greater clarity to your day-to-day life.