Bifocal Reading Glasses for Men

As men and women age their eyes lose their ability to focus on close objects and print because a common condition called presbyopia. Fortunately bifocal reading glasses can help bring reading material back into focus in style and without overextending your budget.

If you’ve ever had a pair of standard reading glasses and have found yourself pushing them down your nose so you could see at a distance, it’s time to find yourself a pair of bifocal reading glasses. The right pair can make a world of difference in comfort, convenience and ease of reading everything from a menu to your cell phone.

Types of Bifocal Reading Glasses for Men

While many bifocal readers are unisex there are some bifocal reading glasses for women and some specifically designed for men. These types listed below are often available for either men or women depending on the exact style of the frame.

  • Progressive or No Line Bifocal Reading Glasses – Progressive bifocals, often called no line bifocals, are bifocal reading glasses that don’t have the visible line defining the bifocal portion of the glasses. Progressives have a cleaner look and no one needs to know you’re wearing bifocals with this style.
  • Bifocal Sunglasses – Bifocal sunglasses can be extremely helpful — or for a younger look consider no line bifocal sunglasses. If you find yourself needing clear distance and close vision outdoors, there’s nothing better than bifocal sunglasses.
  • Computer Glasses – Computer bifocal reading glasses for men are similar to standard readers except that they have a unique anti-glare coating that helps with reading off of a lit computer screen. Computer readers are available in a wide variety of styles.
  • Compact or Folding Glasses – If you are frequently on the go, a pair of compact or folding glasses can be a benefit. Simply fold them down, slide them into their compact case and slip them in your pocket.
  • Flexible Readers – Have you ever had the experience of crushing your favorite pair of readers? Flexible frames help reduce the likelihood of cracking or bending the frame. Many people also find the flexible frame to be more comfortable at the temple area.
  • Half Frame or Small Frame – Glasses are definitely a fashion accessory and small glasses are in. If you prefer the smaller size lenses, be sure to check out the many styles of half frame bifocals available, sometimes called semi-rimless, or you may even consider rimless eyeglasses. Rimless bifocals can be a good choice for small lenses as they don’t have the outline of the frames blocking your peripheral vision.
  • Full Frame – With a full frame you have the benefits of a wider field of vision. Since fashion changes often, it’s best to choose a style that you find most functional.
  • Bifocal Protective Safety Glasses – Bifocal safety glasses are great for those who need the magnification for working on projects out in the garage that also require the protection of safety goggles.

The Cost Of Bifocals

Most styles of simple non-prescription bifocal reading glasses are very affordable. On average, bifocal mens reading glasses range from $9.95 to $49.95. Many individuals find that having several pairs in different areas is a benefit. For example, a pair next to the computer, one on the night stand and one on the table next to your favorite reading chair ensures that you’ll always be prepared. However if you have prescription bifocals they will be more expensive; the prices can vary quite a bit from one optometrist to another.

Popular Accessories For Bifocal Reading Glasses

Once you’ve found the perfect pair of reading glasses, protect them with the right accessories and the right bifocal reading glasses care. While some readers come with a case, many do not.

  • Keep them safe. The easiest way to break or lose a pair of glasses is to not keep them in a protective case while you’re not wearing them.
  • Keep them handy. A neck cord or chain can also be a handy accessory, particularly if you find yourself taking off and putting on your glasses all day long. Eyeglass cords have come a long way and you can find many stylish options, including leather eyeglass cords.
  • Keep them clean. There’s nothing more frustrating than a pair of dirty glasses. A microfiber cleaning cloth is a great accessory to have on hand. Simply store it in your glasses case and you’ll have it available whenever you need it.

Bifocal reading glasses for men are an affordable way to improve your ability to read fine print without having to switch to a separate pair of glasses. Bifocals increase the effectiveness of your glasses and with so many styles available, the hardest part of finding the right pair will be narrowing down the choices.