Bifocal Reading Glasses for Women

Bifocal reading glasses for women are one of those small yet important tools that can help make life a little easier every day. As we age, so do our eyes, which means that everyday tasks like reading become more challenging. With the right pair of bifocal reading glasses you can read small print and also drive and see far distances all with the same pair of glasses.

Why Bifocals?

Bifocals benefit both people who do not wear prescription glasses as well as those who normally use glasses for distance vision.

For those who do not generally wear glasses, a pair of non-prescription bifocal reading glasses will provide a non-prescription upper portion of the lens for distance vision with a lower reader portion. For those who have a distance prescription, this prescription will be the upper portion with a reader built into the lower part of the lens. In both cases, the bifocals will allow for perfect near and distance vision without having to change or remove glasses.

Designer Reading Glasses

Bifocals can be stylish as well as practical. With well-known designers such as Ray-Ban, Anne Klein and Ralph Lauren offering designer bifocal reading glasses for men and women you can look great while improving your vision.

  • Bifocal Sunglasses – If you enjoy reading by the pool then bifocal sunglasses or no line bifocal sunglasses are ideal. Go right from reading to driving without having to change your glasses.
  • No Line Bifocal Reading Glasses – If you would like the convenience of bifocals but don’t like the visible line, consider giving no line bifocal reading glassed, often called progressive bifocals, a try. Progressive bifocal glasses generally cost a bit more but can be well worth the added expense.
  • Bifocal Computer Glasses – Computer glasses can help reduce eye strain. If you spend a lot of time on the computer during the day computer bifocal glasses may be a good idea.
  • Custom or Prescription Bifocals – Most designer brands offer a huge range of variety including options like rimless eyeglasses. Ralph Lauren for example, like many other sellers of designer glasses, offers a huge number of options that can be customized to your particular style:o Lens diameter
    o Frame style
    o Frame color
    o Lens material
    o Tinted lens color
    o Anti-reflective coating
    o UV coating
    o Anti-scratch coating
    o Mirror coating
    o Prescription

The Cost of Bifocal Reading Glasses for Women

Prices really vary depending on the type of glasses that you select. A standard pair of readers can be found for about $10. Top of the line designer bifocals on the other hand can run $250 or more depending on the frame material and type of lens you select.

Caring for your Bifocal Lenses

If you decide to go with designer reading glasses, which will cost a big more, be sure to take good care of your lenses. Here are a few eyeglass care tips for getting the most mileage out of your new stylish reading glasses:

  • If you can, purchase bifocals with a scratch resistant coating. Scratch resistant coating may cost you $30 or more but will go a long way toward protecting your lenses.
  • When you clean your lenses always wash them with warm water and soap before using any kind of cloth. All too often people clean their glasses with a cloth without washing them first and end up grinding in small particles which can scratch lenses.
  • Always put your bifocal eyeglasses away in the same place. Find a drawer or shelf where you will always store your bifocals so that you will always know where you put them. Putting your glasses away in the same place will reduce the chance of misplacing them or accidentally sitting on them.

Bifocal reading glasses for women are an ideal way to combine your distance vision prescription with a pair of stylish reading glasses. Take a look at all of the styles of designer reading glasses available and you’ll be amazed with how wonderful a pair of stylish bifocals can be.