Night Driving Glasses

If you’ve ever experienced the temporary blindness caused by overly bright headlights, you know how valuable a pair of night driving glasses can be. As auto manufacturers move to brighter headlights in the bluer spectrum, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see while driving at night. The answer? A good pair of night driving glasses can help your eyes deal with increased glare so you can navigate safely even with oncoming traffic.

For additional help you may also want to keep a pair of bifocal reading glasses in the car for reading maps or using your cell phone. While they are a little harder to find you may even want to get a pair of bifocal night driving glasses to blend the functionality of the two types of glasses into one.

Benefits of Night Driving Glasses

Driving at night can be extremely challenging, particularly when there is a good deal of oncoming traffic. With the higher level of headlights on most SUV’s and trucks, temporary blindness while driving is a real problem. Using glasses for night driving can help in two ways. Special coatings can reduce glare and tints can help increase contrast and help your eyes adjust rapidly when oncoming traffic appears. The right pair of night vision driving glasses can also help your eyes from becoming fatigued and reduce eye strain as you won’t be squinting as much to see properly.

Types of Night Driving Glasses

There are several types of night driving glasses available. Remember that night glasses are not the same as sunglasses. All medical professionals discourage the use of sunglasses for driving at night because they significantly reduce your ability to see in darkened conditions. Instead, give one of the following types of driving glasses a try:

  • Anti-Reflective Glasses – This type of glasses is recommended by most eye doctors. The lenses themselves are clear but they are coated with an anti-reflective material that will reduce glare from oncoming traffic. If you can, find a night driving glasses set that has a anti-reflective coating on several colors of tinted lenses.
  • Tinted Night Driving Glasses – Most tinted glasses are yellow or amber in tone. There are mixed reviews about tinted glasses as some believe that the tinting reduces the amount of light and therefore reduces visibility. Most consumers who have tried yellow tinted glasses however report that the tinting helps increase contrast and reduces glare overall for a better night time driving experience. Since it’s important to also wear the correct prescription, clip-on night driving glasses can be a great way to improve visibility while still wearing your prescription glasses.

To be prepared for both night and day driving it is good to keep a good pair of sunglasses or even bifocal sunglasses in the car at all times as well.

Night driving glasses can really make a difference when your eyes start to age and it gets harder to see clearly while driving at night. Just like computer glasses help reduce eye strain and provide dry eye relief, glasses made specifically for driving at night can really help.

Safe Night Time Driving

In addition to finding yourself a great pair of night driving glasses and proper eyeglass care, there are a few things you can do to increase your ability to see at night:

  • Turn down the brightness of your interior instruments. Most cars allow you to dim the dashboard and radio lights. By decreasing the brightness you may find that there is less glare and you can see more easily.
  • Avoid driving when you’re tired. Part of the reason that night time driving is difficult is that your eyes are likely already fatigued from a long day. If you’re excessively tired, ask someone else to drive.
  • Clean your windshield and headlights for better visibility. Also check that your headlights are properly adjusted.
  • Have your vision checked regularly and wear your prescription glasses while you drive. Use a pair of clip-on night driving glasses for best results.

With the right pair of glasses for night driving you’ll no longer have to dread driving at night. By wearing night driving glasses you’ll reduce the glare of oncoming headlights and improve the contrast of objects and you’ll wonder how you ever drove after sundown without them.