No Line Bifocal Reading Glasses

If you’re in the market for a new pair of readers, why not give no line bifocal reading glasses a try? You may be surprised at how stylish no line bifocals can be. Whether you are in need of bifocal sunglasses or computer glasses there is a pair out there for everyone.

In this article we’ll take a look at the differences between traditional bifocals and no line bifocal reading glasses, also commonly known as progressive bifocals, and give you an overview of the different styles you can expect to find.

Once you give progressive lenses a try you may wonder how you ever got along without them.

No Line Bifocal Reading Glasses vs. Traditional Bifocals

No line and traditional bifocals work in the same way. The lower portion of the glasses work as reading glasses, while the upper portion of the lens is either clear or is a distance prescription. With traditional bifocals, the reading portion is built into the prescription lens and creates a visible line in the lens. With no line lenses, or progressive lenses, there is no line visible in the lens.

No-Line Bifocal Reading Glasses

No-Line Bifocal Reading Glasses

No line bifocals help you retain a youthful appearance as traditional bifocals are often associated with older people. No line bifocals are also available in a wider variety of styles because their manufacturing process allows for smaller lens sizes. No line or progressive bifocals often make great bifocal reading glasses for women who are looking for youthful, stylish reading glasses.

Styles of No Line Bifocal Reading Glasses

Most eyeglass manufacturers realize how popular no line bifocals are so there is a great selection to choose from. Whether you’re looking for designer bifocals or just a pair of casual readers once you start looking the hard part will be choosing which pair to purchase. Here are just a few of the styles you can find online:

  • No Line Bifocal Sunglasses – Bifocal sunglasses make it easy to go from reading outdoors where you need close up vision to driving or any other activity where distance vision is important.
  • No Line Bifocal Computer Glasses – If you do a lot of work at the computer, specialized computer glasses including no line bifocals with an anti reflective coating make working at the computer quite a bit easier on the eyes.
  • No Line Bifocal Glasses with Flexible Frames – Flexible frames are more comfortable around the temples and also provide some cushion if you’re in the habit of misplacing your glasses in the couch cushions.
  • No Line Rimless Bifocal Glasses – Rimless glasses with no line bifocal lenses offer a stylish look and they don’t have a frame that will detract from your natural look, but they will require a bit more in the way of bifocal eyeglass care as they don’t have frames to help support the lenses.
  • No Line Designer Bifocals – If you’re looking for designer reading glasses you’ll be happy to know that designers like Ralph Lauren and DNKY have no line bifocals as part of their lineup. Expect to pay over $100 for a pair of designer glasses with progressive lenses.

No line bifocal reading glasses are a convenient way to see both near and far while retaining a youthful and stylish appearance. Why not give a pair a try? You’ll be glad you did.