Bifocal Reading Glasses

Noticing any deterioration in your vision can be scary. We’re lucky today to have so many great options for improving our vision, but what works best for one person may not work best for another. You may need to look at a few bifocal reading glasses to find the best fit for you.

First you may want to decide if you want traditional bifocal glasses with the noticeable lines in the lens clearly showing where the bifocal lens begins, or you may want to try no line bifocals so not everyone knows you’re wearing bifocal glasses. Innovations in lenses have brought us progressive lenses but these innovations have also made them lighter and offered additional properties including scratch resistant or anti-reflective coatings to protect the lenses and improve your vision. Continue reading

Bifocal Reading Glasses – A History?

While sussing out the content for my new site dedicated to a common contraption I find beloved — bifocal reading glasses — I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy their history more than I thought I would.

From Salvino D’Armate’s clever invention back in the 13th century to Benjamin Franklin’s clever refinement in the first decade of the United States’ existence, their evolution is more peppered with the ebb and flow of technology and fashion than I’d imagined.

So while I originally intended this site to be mostly a consumer-driven site, I’ve decided to make it a bit more of a hobby site as well. I’ll still do my best to help you find the right glasses for you at the right price, but I’ll also invest some space on this blog to just celebrating the cozy history of these clever little eyeglasses. I’ve put part of my history of glasses on the front page, but I probably will extract and expand this in the future. Continue reading